As an ancient vast country, Iran enjoys numerous natural, historical and cultural tourist attractions and is also considered as one of the most developed countries in terms of knowledge and technology.

Having achieved medical advances, Iran is one of the countries that is the center for this field. Therefore, Iran has always been one of the targets of therapeutic tourism and medical tourism.

Offering low cost treatments in comparison with Turkey, India and European counties and also enjoying updated equipment and the most renowned specialists, Iran has always been chosen as a country for medical treatment by foreign tourists and this country has always been one of the best choices for those traveling for medical purposes.

There are some other reasons tourists travel to Iran for medical purposes among which can be referred to the large number of centers providing medical services, the rapid pace of these services, high level of satisfaction and positive feedback on their performance.

On the one hand, the above mentioned reasons and on the other hand, the possibility of using sun therapy, water therapy, salt therapy, desert therapy, sludge treatment, nature therapy, herbal remedies, honey therapy, color therapy and other natural treatment methods in Iran’s ecosystem make it one of the top countries visited by tourists to make the most of their medical- therapeutic trip.  The centers providing medical services can be found in different cities of Iran. So, based on their favorite climate, one can decide which center to consult, which could be one of the reasons Iran is chosen by tourists for therapeutic trips.