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It may be descriptive of the patient's final condition, and should be presented to the consultant physician after receiving it. At this point, you will be informed about the doctor's proposal and the cost of it.


Free Medical Advice

By providing the patient's history to the clinician of Iran Medical24 the doctor will advise you on the treatment proposal.


Applying for a medical visa

You may apply for a medical visa if you have conditions, you obtain a visa and expedite the travel process.


Suggested packages

By choosing one of the treatment packages, the required services will be provided with more appropriate terms and conditions.


Cities offering services

Iran Medical24 is proud to serve in hospitals and specialized centers in Mashhad , Tehran , Shiraz , Kish Island , Nowshahr .

Free advice request

Send medical records :


Consultation services

Provided by experienced physicians
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Hospitals and Clinics

Some hospitals and clinics that IranMedical24 has agreement with them:

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Why Iran Medical24?

Providing Excellent Service

  • - Applying for a medical visa
  • - Specialist physicians and experienced
  • - Translation and interpreter services
  • - Flight & Hotel Booking
  • - Translation and interpreter services





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Special Services

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

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Dental treatment


Dental implants, Bleaching


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Our Facilities

Consulting with specialists

At the beginning of your application for treatment, your medical records will submit to the physician and the opinion and recommendations of the therapist will be obtained from the specialist.

Therapeutic planning and travel

After determining the course of treatment by the doctor, the approximate time for the treatment is specified and it is informed how many days are needed for the treatment of the time, as well as the necessary measures for this purpose.


Throughout the course of the treatment, the therapeutic support team is at your disposal all the stages.

Diagnosis and treatment services

Diagnosis and treatment at a glance


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